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Professional Meteorological  Compact Weather Ssensors.


Professional Weather Stations - Barber Insys

High precision compact weather stations for measuring & reporting present weather(Now Cast) data to road service network managers & road weather bureau's.

The WSXXX-UMB family of meteorological compact weather stations offer an "All-In-One" solution, which simplifies installation & reduces costs compared with using multiple individual weather sensors. One cable.

The  Lufft R2S-UMB represents a high performance radar based precipitation sensor for determining type & amount & fitted with a heater for cold climate applications.

Special models developed for withstanding harsh environmental exposure such as the risk of icing, marine, & high vibration levels experienced on wind turbines.                                        

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All WSXXX-UMB sensors are IP66 rated & offer several digital protocol types such as MODBUS/SDI-12/UMB, for maximum integration flexibility. A digital/analogue signal converter is available for up to 8 channels (DACON 8)


R2S-UMB Present Weather Sensor (PWS).

25GHz Radar Based Present Weather Detector. No moving parts to maintain or freeze up. Quantity & type of precipitation detected.

Ideal replacement for tipping bucket rain gauge's to reduce maintenance time.

Operates down to -40C with built in 30W heater.

Ideal for flood warning systems/waste water drainage control systems.

IP66 Rating.

RS485 Bus connection. Optional analogue output using the DACON8 module.

Lufft R2S Radar Precipitaion sensor.

Lufft new WS3000 series combined Air Temperature/relative Humidity/Air Pressure sensor.

The highest accuracy sensor available.

Uniquely designed radiation shield & ventilated enclosure.

Several digital protocols available plus analogue using an external converter module. Use as a reference standard for field calibrations.

Lufft WS3000 series high precision compact sensor for Temperature/relative Humidity & Barometric Pressure


Lufft WS700-UMB Compact Weather Station Sensor


Combines solar radiation & precipitation in  one enclosure.

7 Measurements in one compact enclosure makes installation easier & reduces costs.

Solar radiation

Ultrasonic Wind Speed/Direction

Precipitation (Rain/Snow)


Barometric Pressure


Lufft WS700_UMB Compact weather station
WS601-UMB: Compact Weather Station Sensor

Measuring: Temperature, Relative Humidity,
Precipitation by means of a tipping spoon mechanism, Air Pressure, Wind Speed/Direction & Electronic Compass.


Lufft WS601 Compact weather sensor
WS600-UMB: Compact Weather Station Sensor


Measuring air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation intensity, precipitation type (rain/snow), precipitation quantity, barometric pressure, wind speed/direction.

Lufft WS600-UMB compact weather station
WS510-UMB: Compact Weather Station Sensor

Awaiting details.

Lufft WS510-UMB weather station
WS504-UMB: Compact Weather Station Sensor

Ultrasonic wind speed/direction with tiltable Pyranometer +

Lufft WS504-UMB Ultrasonic weather Sensor including solar  sensor.
WS503-UMB: Compact Weather Station Sensor

As for WS504-UMB but incorporating  Kip & Zonen CMP3 pyranometer

Lufft WS503-UMB weather sensor incuding solar radiation.
WS502-UMB: Compact Weather Station Sensor

Ultrasonic wind speed etc. + fixed position pyranometer

Lufft WS502-UMB compact weather station with solar radiation sensor.
WS501-UMB: Compact Weather Station Sensor

Same as WS500 but with additional pyranometer. Various digital outputs available + analogue voltage/ milliamps using the DACON8 D/A module.

lufft WS50-UMB weather station sensor with pyranometer
WS500-UMB: Compact Weather Station Sensor

Air Pressure, Temperature/Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Ultrasonic Wind Speed/Direction measurement.

Lufft WS500-UMB compact weather station
WS401-UMB: Compact Weather Station

Measuring Temperature, Relative Humidity,Precipitation &
Air Pressure.


Lufft WS401 Compact weather Sensor
WS400-UMB: Compact Weather Station

Measuring air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation intensity, precipitation type, precipitation quantity & air pressure.


Lufft WS400-UMB compact weather station
WS304-UMB: Compact Weather Station

Temperature/Pressure/Humidity/Tiltable Pyranometer for solar radiation measuring.

Ideal for Solar Panel Farms.

WS303-UMB: Compact Weather Station

Temperature/Pressure/Humidity/Tiltable KIP & ZONEN CMP3 Pyranometer.


WS302-UMB: Compact Weather Station

Temperature/Humidity/Pressure+ Low Cost Solar Radiation Sensor

Lufft WS302-UMB Temperature/Humidity/Pressure/Solar Radiation sensor.
WS301-UMB: Compact Weather Station

Same as WS300 but with additional KIP & ZONEN CMP3 pyranometer

lufft WS301-UMB weather station sensor with pyranometer
WS300-UMB: Compact Weather Station


Temperature, Relative Humidity & Barometric Pressure.


Lufft WS300-UMB compact weather station
WS200-UMB: Ultrasonic Wind Speed Sensor

Ultrasonic technology for wind measurements.

Digital & analogue outputs (using analogue converter).

Lufft WS200-UMB compact weather station
V200A-UMB ULTRASONIC Wind Speed Sensor

Inbuilt 30W heater.

Precise & maintenance free measurement of wind velocity and vector, with calculation of acoustic virtual temperature.

Digital & Analogue outputs.

image of Lufft WS200A Compact Weather Station for wind speed and direction
WTB100 External Rain Gauge

Tipping Bucket type rain gauge.

Resolution:0.2/0.5mm (Tipping Bucket). Unheated

Lufft WTB100 Water Tipping Bucket Rain Guage

VENTUS-UMB Metal Heated Robust Ultrasonic Wind Speed Sensor for the most demanding Environments.

Measure wind speeds up to 90m/s, with a sample rate up to 240 single measurements per second.

Metal Housing & 200W heater gives ice fee operation in the most demanding environments.

Reliable sensor operation means lower cost of ownership.

Digital & analogue outputs. Field proven in Marine & Cold climate environments.

The perfect replacement for any wind turbine yaw control system.



Designed for cold climates & harsh conditions.

VENTUS is corrosion tested for seawater & proven for ice free operation. It gives the best accuracy with maintenance free operation.

Recommended for:
wind turbine control
- building automation


Lufft Ventus. A robust heated aluminum housed ultrasonic wind speed/direction sensor

Sensors are addressable & operate on an RS485 network. Several digital output protocols are configurable such as MODBUS, SDI-12, UMB Binary, UMB-ASCII. An 8 channel digital converter module is available for control systems requiring analogue input signals from sensors that do not have analogue outputs as standard.


The WndBridge (Nor-Cal Controls Inc.)enables wind farm operators/owners to reduce maintenance cost  by replacing old cup & vane anemometers that are prone to mechanical failure (or get iced up & shut down the turbine for safety reasons ) & replace them with a Lufft VENTUS, without having to replace their existing PLC.                    



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