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Humpage Technology "Caliso Temps" Automated Temperature Calibration  Software.

Temperature Calibration Lab.


It is the wish of most temperature calibration laboratories to improve job turnaround times in order to better serve their customers, whether that be in house or external clients.

In today's temperature calibration laboratory, you have to be able to offer your thermometer calibration expertise for a wide variety of thermometer manufacture's products, which then means being able to interface your reference temperature standards & calibration bath with the device under test in order to control temperature set points.

This is only half of the requirement, as you are required to produce hard copy results in the form of a calibration certificate.

Fortunately, Caliso "Temps" is able to do this with relative ease, & is broken down into two main parts :

1. Laboratory Interface:

This deals with the hardware side of things by a simple drag & drop action selected from a list of manufacturers devices to be connected & the software will take care of interfacing all the hardware involved.

caliso temps builder screen shot

2. Builder

This is where you set up the calibration sequence at chosen set point temperatures, create you own calibration certificate or import a previously constructed template.

caliso temps builder screen shot

This is just a brief overview, but if you would like to know more please get in touch either using the Contact Us link/phone or email info(at) to explore further.





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