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road surface GRIP value/Visibility/precipitation/ snow height/ Water Film height sensors


High performance intelligent invasive/non- invasive & mobile sensors for road/runway surface ice detection & freezing point temperature measurement.

Lufft's UMB (Universal Measurement Bus) technology with open protocol, offers lean modular strategy that will communicate with any 3rd party hardware such as Variable Message Signs (VMS), Traffic Control Centres and OEM system integrators.

Calculates/measures freeze point temperatures, water film height up to 4mm, & now "friction" (Grip) measurement in addition to other critical surface condition status such as wetness, ice, snow, hoar frost & residual salt. Active sensor measures freeze point temperature in dependant of de icing material, making it ideal for bridge deck applications where alternatives to sodium chloride are sometimes used to prevent corrosion.


Benefits of using non invasive measurement:

-Automatic calibration according to surface construction (concrete or asphalt).
-Automatic re calibration during dry periods (surface conditions)
-No need to adjust the unit according to the distance between installation point & surface.

-No TM required during installation.

-Can be re positioned easily.

All sensors are configured & firmware updated using the free UMB-Config software tool.

See further down this page for actual measurement comparison between embedded road sensor (puck) with non-invasive technology.

IRS31Pro-UMB Passive Intelligent Road/Runway Surface Condition Sensor.

Fourth Generation IRS Passive Sensor with improved accuracy


- Road surface temperature

- Water film height up to 4 mm

- Calculates Freezing temperature for different de-icing    materials   (NaCl, MgCl, CaCl).

- Reports Road Surface Condition (dry/damp/wet/ice or snow/residual salt/freezing point)

-Friction (Grip)

-Ice percentage.

Optional 1 or 2 deep temperature sensors.


Lufft IRS31Pro-UMB Passive road weather sensor

ARS31 Pro-UMB Road/Runway Active Ice Forecast Sensor.

Lufft ARS31Pro-UMB active road/runway sensor measures the freezing temperature of a liquid on the road/runway surface. It can be used to measure the following data:

Salt concentration (NaCl, CaCl & MgCl)

Product concentration (potassium acetate, potassium, Cryotech E36, Safeway KF Hot)

Freezing temperature measurement is independent of mixture ( electrical conductivity of the solution must be > 1 mS/cm).

In addition, ARS31Pro-UMB can determine the threat of icing using an external surface temperature sensor connected directly to the ARS31Pro.

Lufft ARS31Pro-UMB active road sensor to measure freeze point temperature et.

NIRS31-UMB Non Invasive road surface condition sensor

Spectroscopic measurement of:

-Surface Condition-Dry, Damp, Wet, Snow, Ice

-Water Film Height/Layer Thickness

-Ice % in water

-Surface Temperature

-Determination Of Freeze Point Temperature

-Grip (Friction)

Lufft NIRS31-UMB Non Invasive Road Surface Condition Sensor Pole Mounted.

MARWIS Mobile Road Weather Sensor

Real time road weather reporting.

Reduce winter maintenance costs by intelligent knowledge of the current road surface condition to either pre treat the route or produce automated targeted gritting precisely where it is needed, rather than re treating the whole route.

The new MARWIS low cost intelligent mobile road weather sensor from lufft reports the road weather data gap between fixed RPU outstations.

Display data inside vehicles on iPad/iPhone/Android devices etc. using the free Lufft MARWIS App or transmit directly to the cloud. Other remote data access hardware platforms available.

Remote data hosting.


More details can be found at:


Watch the MARWIS movie here:

MARWIS - the Mobile Road Sensor from Lufft


Lufft MARWIS mobile RWIS Sensor




Lufft Mobile RWIS Test Vehile


Test Vehicle showing the 1M & 2M optical path mounted MARWIS sensors




R2S-UMB Radar Precipitation Sensor (Present Weather) for remote monitoring of road surface, rail track, storm drain systems, advanced flood warning systems & other hydrology applications.


The sensor is addressable & can therefore be networked.

No moving parts to service

Inbuilt heater for low temperature operation


Lufft R2S radar precipitation sensor

VS20-UMB Visibility/Fog Detection sensor.

Using the "Forward Scatter" measurement process, the VS20-UMB sensor measures up to 3000M for applications in road weather visibility

Analogue & digital outputs available.

Lufft VS20-UMB road visibility sensor

SHM30 Snow Height Sensor

A compact laser based sensor for determining snow depth.

Snow depth measuring range: 0...10M

Lufft Snow Height Sensor

CHM15K Ceilometer "Nimbus"

0-15KM (0-50K Feet)

Improved multiple cloud layer & aerosol detection.

The most highest performing ceilometer on the market.                                                        

Lufft Ceilometer-Cloud Height Sensor

Lufft UMB ( Universal Measurement Bus) Technology

Main Advantage: Open Protocol, not a closed box solution.

Technology for recording environmental data.

The modular system approach supports easy commissioning, free firmware updates & data transfer over RS232, RS485 or GPRS modem.

UMB offers flexibility, modularity.

Analogue sensors can be connects to the UMB BUS simply by using the ANACON modules.

The DACON8  D/A converter module provides 8 channel analogue outputs.

Lufft ISOCON/ANACON UMB interface Module

Lufft LCOM Communications & Data logging device.

Multiple interfaces to convert the UMB sensor technology.

Enables connected UMB sensors to be configured locally without a PC.

Remote access via internet protocols.


Lufft communicator LCOM

Road Weather Camera

"Virtual eye on site" in conjunction with measurement data:

- Creates trust & visually illustrates measurement data
- Recommended combination especially in conjunction with ice warning systems
  to limit patrols to the greatest possible extent
- Images of road condition day & night in real time with infrared spotlight (option)  & GPRS transmission

road weasther camera

Infrared Spotlight

For use in combination with the Road Camera above to give 24 hour scene vision in real time.

Infrared Spotlight

SOFTWARE Collector/SmartView3


Web based visualisation & data collection software for Lufft data loggers/transmitters.

MDSS Software

Lufft SmartView3






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