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Temperature calibration



Safe Precision high temperature fluidised sand Calibrating & heat treatment Baths

Exceptional temperature stability & uniformity make fluidised sand (alumina) calibrating baths the ideal choice for critical heat treatment procedures & shape setting.


Techne SBS-4 Fluidised Calibrating Bath


For temperature calibrating up to 600C

Bath will maintain temperature to within 1C.

Techne SBL-2 precision fluidised sand bath

Techne SBL-2D Fluidised Calibrating Bath

Extra depth fluidised bath has a 228mm dia & increased working depth of 350mm.


Techne precision fluidised sand bath

TC-9D Programmable Controller

Designed to improve the temperature stability & temperature setting accuracies.

The TC-9D is a self contained unit & is supplied complete with a chromel/alumel type K thermocouple which fits into the sheath supplied with the SBL baths.

Techne TC-9D controller

TechneWorks software

Custom software allows programs to be easily created & sent to the FB-08C controller RS232 port.

Techne software

Techne FB08/08C Precision Range Fluidised Bed Sand Bath

Temperature range 50C to 700C

Working volume diameter x depth, 165 x 385mm


Techne FB-08 Fluidised Bed Temperature Calibrating Bath


Using aluminium sand particles, fluidised sand calibrating baths provide a safe working environment as an alternative to using high temperature salt/oil baths. It provides a  temperature medium in which large products are totally immersed in the bath & heated by small particles of Aluminium oxide circulating to provide a uniform temperature.


Fluidised bed baths are also used for cleaning tools used in injection moulding machines. With their inherent temperature uniformity, there is no risk of heat stress on the tool that would be experience if using an oven to provide the heat source & the cleaning process is much quicker so less down time. No abrasive cleaning tools required.


Other fluidised bed calibration & cleaning baths available on enquiry.

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