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Caliso Temps automated temperature calibration softwarwe

Caliso Temps


If you are looking to automate your temperature calibration set up, then Caliso Temps is a feature-rich automated temperature calibration & data logging software package which supports a wide range of temperature calibration equipment manufacturers:

Techne, Hart Scientific, Isotech, Dostmann, ASL, Druck, Jofra, Cropico, Anville Instruments, LabFacility, & Julabo.


This is the most advanced automated temperature calibration system available.

Caliso Temps is made up of 2 individual programs:

  • Laboratory Interface:

The left-hand pane of the Interface window is the Device Palette that has a number of tabs across the top. Each tab has the name of a temperature calibration equipment manufacturer such as Isotech, ASL, HART Scientific, LabFacility, Dostmann etc. By clicking on each tab you will see a series of icons which represent the specific instruments supported for each manufacturer.

caliso temps laboratory interface screen shot


caliso temps builder screen shot


 If you want to manage large measurement assets that require regular calibration then   "Toolbox ADO " Calibration Management Software will automate this task giving you an instant "traffic light" snapshots of the calibration status of each item.







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