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Liquid temperature calibrating baths & dip/flow coolers


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A comprehensive range of Techne temperature controlled water baths are available for calibrating thermometers & sensors using the comparison method.

Twenty different water bath combinations allow the use of accurate temperature control from -80°C up to 200°C; ensuring a solution for most laboratory applications.

RS232 Port for automated temperature setpoint control using the optional free "Techne Works" software package.

Liquid Temperature Calibrating Baths

The Techne® liquid calibration bath (LCB) series offer compact, accurate and reliable liquid baths which can be used for external circulation or temperature calibration of thermal sensors.
• –35°C to 250°C
• Three different capacities available; 5, 7 or

   12 litres

Techne liquid temperature calibration baths

Refrigerated Temperature Calibrating Baths

Complete refrigerated circulating system for open or closed applications for temperature ranges from -35°C to 100°C. Each bath is supplied with a lid & bridging plate.

There are three bath capacities: 7 litre (RB-5A), 12 litre (RB-12A) & 22 litre (RB-22A).

Temperature control is via one of the four thermo regulators & together they offer a choice of 12 different bath combinations.

techne refrigerated temperature calibration baths


Dip Coolers (cold finger) Liquid bath coolers.

The cooling head of the Techne® Dip Cooler fits neatly and unobtrusively into the corner of a liquid bath & can be secured with a specially designed mounting bracket (supplied).

Techne® Dip Coolers are designed for use when temperatures down to –35°C are required.

Designed for use with Techne liquid baths

tecjne dip coolers

Flow Coolers

The Techne® Flow Coolers work in conjunction with a Techne® thermo regulator. The bath liquid flows through the unit which continually extracts heat from the bath fluid by means of the heat exchanger which is built into the unit.

Techne® Flow coolers are designed for use when temperatures down to –35°C are required.

• Designed for use with Techne liquid baths

techne flow coolers

Portable Drywell Thermometer Calibrating Block Baths are found here                                                                                               

Important points to consideration when selecting a temperature calibration bath for calibration by comparison:

A separate reference thermometer, without the limitations imposed of a built-in control sensor, is a much better option as it is located close to the thermometer or sensor being calibrated & can be easily calibrated & re-calibrated over a wide temperature range to traceable national standards.

So, instead of having to send the calibration bath away for annual re-calibration, you need only to send your external reference thermometer away for re-calibration, saving freight costs and down time.



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