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temperature-Relative humidity-CO2 data logger-USB Type

Dostmann LOG 32 Series Temperature/Relative Humidity/CO2 data loggers that connects directly to a PC's USB port for data download

Latest models automatically create .pdf reports to simplify documentation of stored data values.

Supplied with free configuration software on a mini disc (Log 32 only). Free Download for other models

Full details available on request.



Dostmann LOG32 Temperature/Humidity Data Logger-USB



A convenient data-logger for measuring & recording temperature & relative humidity values that can be mounted in most places due to its small footprint.

powered by internal battery or USB port when connected to a PC or USB hub.


Software & Battery Supplied.

Part No. 5005-0171 (while stocks last)

Dostmann Log32 Temperature/Humidity USB type data logger


Dostmann Log32 T PDF USB Data Logger

A temperature data logger with automatic .pdf formatted output reports.


Log32-T PDF  Temperature Data Logger with .pdf output report creation

Dostmann Log32 T/rH PDF USB data logger.


A temperature & relative humidity data logger with automatic .pdf report generation.


Log32 Temperature & Humidity USB data logger with .pdf output report generation

Dostmann Log32 T/rh/Pressure  PDF USB data logger

Same as #5005-0172 but has additional barometric pressure measurement.







Log32 THP temperature/humidity/pressure .USB type data logger

Dostmann new Log200 series environmental PDF data loggers with motion sensing.

Detect door opening on autoclaves or fridge/freezer cabinets with the built in motion sensor. Recording is stopped when it detects movement. Models for Temperature/ Humidity & Barrometric Pressure.

-40°C to + 70°C Temperature range.

Further details on request.

Dostmann Log200 series .pdf data logger with motion detection.







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