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G. Lufft have been manufacturing precision meteorological instrumentation for over 135 years, starting in the field of precision mechanical compasses & barometers used by the early explorers. In addition Lufft also produced mechanical weather stations for local climate forecasts. During the last 20 years or so, they started production of electronic devices to replace the hair hygrometers & mercury columns. Today their range of precision sensors & instrumentation are deployed word wide in the field of Solar farms to monitor solar array performance, in agriculture to measure rainfall, leaf wetness to prevent crop damage, road weather networks to warn of critical road surface conditions to keep the motoring public safe, pharmaceutical manaufacturing & storage to preserve the quality of the product, wind turbine control systems to provide robust highly reliable  & high quality measuring sensors for wind farm operators & owners.

Humpage technology have been writing specific software for over 20 years to improve the efficiency of metrology laboratories by creating a powerful yet easy to use tool to maintain assets employed in the fabrication of the end products & being able to access the calibration information status of a gauge or other measuring device at the click of the mouse. Another software tool enables temperature calibration labs to fully automate the calibration proceedure.It enables different manufacturers hardware, using a drag & drop technique, to run temperature profiles & produce report certificates. An eclectic mix of end users are maximising their investment in these highly flexible software tools.


Chino Corporation are a large manufacturer of temperature measuring equipment, sensors & automation test systems with three factories based in the countryside. Chino produce some unique temperature sensors such as the CO15 series non contact thermocouple which have been used in the UK on spatiality paper manufactures steam drying rollers & other paper handling systems. Their range of products is vast and we only deal with a small part of their range. Chino are well known in the chart recorder business supplying both paper & graphic recorder types. The paper electronic recorders have been used extensively in the off shore heat treatment of pipe welding, as they have proved to precise & able to handle harsh environments.

Dostmann electronic manufacture precision hand held digital thermometers/hygrometers for laboratory & quality control use. Their milli Kelvin system accuracy coupled with optional built in data logging gives users a powerful tool at market beating price levels. Ex rated versions are also available for hazardous area use. In addition a wide range of indoor air quality data loggers are available for monitoring room CO2 levels etc. including a new "Home Hub" to remotely connect to transmitters in the home over the internet using a "Smart Phone" App.



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