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Cloud based indoor Air Quality Pollution Monitoring in public buildings & the workplace


RadGreen Cloud based AQM  Monitoring


Joining the internet of things (IoT), RadGreen provide cloud based solution for monitoring air quality that can be accessed on any viewing platform anywhere.


Most of us are familiar with air pollution due to traffic &  industrial air polluters, but pollution in the built environment gets little publicity, despite the the hidden dangers that can be present in the buildings we occupy for work or study. We know that high CO2 levels induce poor attention spans, but the prolific use of WiFi systems or proximity of radio transmitters at high radiation levels is thought to be detrimental to our cell tissues.

Indoor stations can include sensors for RFI levels in public buildings in addition to Met sensors/tVOC & Noise levels.

Six measurand from a wide selection ofair pollution sensors can be housed in a single mounted enclosure.

With the growing number of sensors that can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), Radgreed have successfully added Air Quality measurement to this list.


Once installed, the data is displayed on a dashboard platform by obtaining a viewing license per monitoring station.

RadGreen operate multi servers for additional data security enabling rapid swithing between servers.


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