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Professional Weather Stations - Barber Insys

High precision compact weather stations for measuring & reporting present weather(Now Cast) data to road service network managers & road weather bureau's.

The WSXXX-UMB family of meteorological compact weather stations offer an "All-In-One" solution, which simplifies installation & reduces costs compared with using multiple individual weather sensors. One cable.

The  Lufft WS100-UMB represents a new high performance radar based precipitation sensor(PWS) for determining precipitation type & amount. Built in heater for cold climate applications.

Ventus ultrasonic aluminium wind speed/direction sensor developed to operate harsh environmental exposure such as the risk of icing, marine, & high vibration levels experienced on wind turbines.                                        

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All WSXXX-UMB sensors are IP66 rated & offer several digital protocol types such as MODBUS/SDI-12/UMB, for maximum integration flexibility. A digital/analogue signal converter is available for up to 8 channels (DACON 8)


New Lufft WS100-UMB Present Weather Sensor (PWS).

24GH radar precise precipitation sensor to detect rain, hail, snow, freezing rain etc. from the first drop. Ideal for road weather, urban networks, flood alarm systems & remote applications due to minimum maintenance.

Low power consumption for solar/battery powered.

Lufft WS100 Radar precipitation Sensor

Lufft WS3000 series reference combined Air Temperature/relative Humidity/Air Pressure sensor.

The highest accuracy sensor available.

Uniquely designed radiation shield & ventilated enclosure.

Several digital protocols available plus analogue using an external converter module.

Perfect as a reference standard for calibrating by comparison sensors deployed on site.

Lufft WS3000 series high precision compact sensor for Temperature/relative Humidity & Barometric Pressure

WS600-UMB: Compact Weather Station Sensor


Measuring air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation intensity, precipitation type (rain/snow), precipitation quantity, barometric pressure, wind speed/direction.

Lufft WS600-UMB compact weather station

WS500-UMB: Compact Weather Station Sensor

Air Pressure, Temperature/Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Ultrasonic Wind Speed/Direction measurement.

Lufft WS500-UMB compact weather station

WS400-UMB: Compact Weather Station

Measuring air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation intensity, precipitation type, precipitation quantity & air pressure.


Lufft WS400-UMB compact weather station

WS300-UMB: Compact Weather Station


Temperature, Relative Humidity & Barometric Pressure.


Lufft WS300-UMB compact weather station
WS200-UMB: Ultrasonic Wind Speed Sensor

Ultrasonic technology for wind measurements.

Digital & analogue outputs (using analogue converter).

Lufft WS200-UMB compact weather station
V200A-UMB ULTRASONIC Wind Speed Sensor

Inbuilt 30W heater.

Precise & maintenance free measurement of wind velocity and vector, with calculation of acoustic virtual temperature.

Digital & Analogue outputs.

image of Lufft WS200A Compact Weather Station for wind speed and direction

Sensors are addressable & operate on an RS485 network. Several digital output protocols are configurable such as MODBUS, SDI-12, UMB Binary, UMB-ASCII. An 8 channel digital converter module is available for control systems requiring analogue input signals from sensors that do not have analogue outputs as standard.


The WndBridge (Nor-Cal Controls Inc.)enables wind farm operators/owners to reduce maintenance cost  by replacing old cup & vane anemometers that are prone to mechanical failure (or get iced up & shut down the turbine for safety reasons ) & replace them with a Lufft VENTUS, without having to replace their existing PLC.                    



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