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Data-loggers/Transmitters-Monitoring Indoor Air Quality

Monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) levels in the built environment is important for controlling product quality, people productivity & conservation of delicate fabrics or materials in museums, archives or public areas to eliminate "sick building" syndrome.

BARBER InSys supply a comprehensive range of free standing & wall mount Indoor Air Quality Data Loggers & monitors, having either single or multi channel sensor inputs for monitoring temperature/humidity/ barometric pressure/CO2, including 21 CFR 11 supported Data Loggers for Pharmaceutical, Clinical Science laboratory quality control & Museums to preserve Valuable & Attractive artifacts on display & in storage

Measure & display ppm CO2 values in the larger Dostmann AirCo2ntrol XL & XXL models.

Low profile Wall mount T/rH transmitter with a choice of mA or 3 wire RTD temperature outputs.


New Chino HN-EK:

A slim wall mounted room temperature/Humidity transmitter with easily  replaceable detector board.

Designed for minimum room intrusion  & high accuracy performance.

Choice of mA  or 3 wire Pt100 output for the temperature signal.

Chino NH-EK Slim style wall mount high accuracy temperature/humidith sensor

Lufft OPUS20 Series Data Loggers for monitoring & recording indoor air quality parameters.

Internal/external sensor connection for measuring room air quality.

Monitoring & Recording of room temperature, humidity, barometric pressure & CO2 levels.

Optional Lan connection.

10 Internal channels supported by standard or optional professional software.

Made in Germany


Lufft OPUS20 Indoor Air Quality Data Logger

Lufft iBox Industrial Data Gateway.

To the Lufft I-BOX product video


Connecting industrial & environmental measurements to the corporate network in the format required by simply down loading the appropriate App's from the Lufft App store. This eliminate complicated programming & makes the PC obsolete in the process.


Made in Germany

Lufft iBOX

Dostmann AirCO2ntrol XXL


Large 577 x 54 x 422 mm digital display for indicating CO2 levels in ppm, plus temperature & relative humidity


Order Code 5020-0109

Dostmann AirCO2ntrol XXL  CO2 indicator

Dostmann AirCo2ntrol XL


Large 298 x47 x211 mm digital display for indicating CO2 levels in ppm plus temperature & humidity.


Order Code 5020-0110

Dostmann AirCO2ntrol XL large CO2 Monitor  for public environments

Protect occupants from CO2 exposure inside rooms by fitting the Dostmann Model Air Co2ntrol Life CO2 monitor with adjustable CO2 audio alarm settings.

DostmannAir Co2ntrol Life CO2 monitor with audible alarm

Dostmann TA120 Digital Desktop Thermo-Hygrometer for wireless sensor connections.

Low cost desk top Digital Thermo-Hygro Station with atomic radio clock time base & optional additional external wireless sensor connection.

Made in China

Dostmann TA120 Temperature/Humidity datalogger with atomic clock

Dostmann Log 10/100/100 Cryo/110/110EXF thermo-Hygro Data Loggers

Large display for real time measurements.  

External temperature probe input (USB).

Model EXF has hard wired external humidity probe.

Designed by Dostmann electronic.

Made in China.

Dostmann electronic Log 10/100/110 series temperature & temperature/humidity loggers.

Chino HN-CH Hand Held Thermo-Hygrometer.

Palm-sized Digital Temperature/Humidity Meters with field replaceable sensor

Made in Japan

Chino model HN-CH hand held humidity meter/logger




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