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Automated Road Surface De-Icing Spray systems.

SICO design & supply a range of fixed & mobile automated de-icing spray systems to automatically function when critical road surface temperatures or ice formation are detected that would otherwise, if left un treated, lead to a reduction in road surface grip & adverse driving conditions.


Using the experience of the Spanish Company SICO, we are able to offer a complete design service right through to supply & installation of all necessary components in the system, including meteorological sensors.

Anti Icing Spray Systems available:


RAPITFix is an in road permanent spray head system.


RAPITPort as the name suggests is a portable system, with a choice of pray heads mounted behind any safety barriers, and is of a modular design allowing expandability when necessary.


Permanent communication with road monitoring control centre:

The system relies on good communication  between installation of the spray system and control centre using Fibre optic, GSM,GPRS or UMTS etc. to allow real time communication.

RAPITIce Control is the software package for control of both RAPITFix & RAPITPort.


The RapitFix/RapitPort systems are equipped with meteorological & road surface condition sensors

Basic weather stations & road sensors measure the variables that affect the road surface condition such as temperature, humidity, freeze point, water film height, surface grip & precipitation.

A more advanced weather station can be incorporated to measure wind speed & direction, barometric pressure, visibility & solar radiation.

For remote observation of the road, a camera can be added.