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MDSS software from Cross



Key Benefits:

  • World unique system
  • Experience: 9 years / 50 000 km of roads
  • The most thorough system for winter maintenance cost control available on the market
  • Internet-based remote service
  • Independent on climate, terrain, altitude, road length
  • Fast correction of inadequate behaviour of contractors
  • Immediate cost savings and maintenance optimization
  • Adequate quality of winter maintenance with the lowest costs




METIS is a single platform solution for sharing & presenting road weather data.

Gives  a complex overview of the present weather situation on roads in real time


All available weather information sources are integrated into a single application.

Key Benefits:


  • Single SW platform for all road weather data
  • Real technology independence
  • Fully customizable and extensible
  • Designed especially for winter road maintenance professionals


SSWM (Maintenance Decision Support System)


Born out of a long collaboration between CROSS(CZE) & Klimator (SWE), the SSWM is the most complex and accurate Maintenance Decision Support System available on the market.

It can be used as a stand alone system or as an integral part of METIS software.

SSWM processes geographical information on weather and local conditions to provide precise short-term road condition forecast during the winter period.

The model predicts road condition, road surface & sub-surface temperature, freezing point & snow amount, for the next 24 hours for each 1km segment of the road network.


Key Benefits:

  • Simple end-user interface
  • Fast implementation on new road network
  • Field-proven, precise predictions
  • Developed in close cooperation with maintenance professionals
  • Public and professional road safety tool




WMi (Winter Maintenance Index) with cost analysis.

Winter maintenance index (WMi) is a system of deep analysis & elaborate comparison of winter road maintenance performance & costs.

The purpose of WMi is to give an objective indication of winter severity & especially to compare maintenance performance among different contractors or centres working in different climate conditions, by using  an innovative comparative method.

The goal is to determine the adequate performance which would correspond to observed weather & local conditions & to compare it with the reported performance.

Cost evaluation & financial controlling based on WMi are additional services that makes the intelligent management of maintenance expenses possible, ending of long term overpricing &/or one time errors in maintenance invoicing.








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