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Temperature calibration



Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Hand Held digital temperature/Dewpoint/Humidity meters

A range of digital hand held thermo-hygrometers including the new Lufft  colour touch screen X series for Indoor Air Quality Measurements.

Units measured are temperature, Relative humidity, Absolute humidity, dew point , wet bulb temperature.


Dostmann P770 Precision Digital Thermo-Hygrometer.

For the measurement of relative humidity (rH)

 A data logging version is available (P770L)


Various humidity measuring probes are available to suit your specific application.

dostmann P770 hand held precision hygrometer





Dostmann H560 Hand Held DewPoint Pro Meter

Compact industrial instrument for indoor climate monitoring including Wetbulb (Tw) & Dewpoint temperature indication.


Dostmann H560 DewPoint Pro digital hygrometer/dewpoint meter

Lufft XP200 precision hand held Thermo-Hygrometer with touch screen colour display.

On board memory for data logging.

Built in mathematical library to perform calculations on measured data values.

Measured values can be displayed in tabular or graphical format.

Selection of measuring probes available.


USB interface for on line data logging/memory download using "SmartGraph3" software, included in scope of supply.

Lufft XP200 hand held precision digital thermo-hygrometer with touch screen display



Lufft XC200 Digital Thermo-Hyrometer - Fixed Probe.

Mid priced  Thermo-Hygrometer for climate monitoring in buildings,control cabinets, store rooms & museums.

Colour touch screen display of measured parameters.

USB interface & supplied with SmartGraph3 software.




Lufft XC200 Digital Hand Held  Thermo-Hygrometer



Lufft XC250 Digital hand held Thermo-Hygrometer with IR Thermometer.

XC250 Series Thermo-Hygrometer + IR Pyrometer for surface temperature & dewpoint temperature calculation

USB interface.

Supplied with "SmartGraph3" software.                                                             

Lufft XC250 digital hand held thermo-hygrometer with IR pyrometer.