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Wide range of drywell block baths for calibrating industrial  PRT/RTD/ thermometers, temperature sensing probes & industrial thermocouples, spanning the range of -100C up to 1200C.

Blackbody calibrating furnaces for calibrating or checking hand held infrared digital thermometers are also available.




Techne Tecal 140F series Metal Block Thermometer Calibrating drywell Bath for field use.


Temperature Range: -20 to 140C

There are a wide range of inserts to choose from & also customised inserts can be supplied.

 Techne Tecal 140 series temperature calibration block bath

Techne UCAL400+Portable thermometer calibrating block bath with removable insert, for field or laboratory use.


Temperature Range : Ambient +5C up to 430C

A water cooling probe is available to cool down the Techne UCAL 400+ block bath from 425C to below 100C in 10 minutes and down to 10C if an insert block with a diameter 10mm or larger is used.

A very keenly priced calibrator.

Techne UCAL400+ Thermometer calibrating temperature referce block bath.

Techne Tecal 425Fseries Metal Block Thermometer Calibrating drywell bath for field use.

Temperature Range: Ambient +20 to 425C

N.B. Same insert fits this & the 140F bath

Techne Tecal 425 range temperature calibration block bath

Techne Tecal 650F series Metal Block Thermometer Calibrating bath for field use.

Temperature Range: Ambient + 25° to 650°C

 Techne Tecal 650 range temperature calibration block bath

Chino model KT-H503

Ultra Low temperature Drywell Block Bath for calibrating thermometer probes down to -100C

Calibrating temperature working range:

-100C to 50C

chino KT-H series low temperature  metal bock bath/drywell calibrator

Chino model KT-H504

Low Temperature Drywell Block Bath Calibrator .

Calibration temperature range:

-30C to 155C

chino KT-H504 metal block/drywell temperature calibrator

Dostmann BC 300 low cost block calibrator with fixed insert for calibrating temperature probes & digital thermometers

Temperature Range: +33C...+300C

Stability +- 0.5C

Hole sizes: 2x 3.5mm, 1x 4.3mm, 1x 1.5mm, 1x 6.6mm. Hole depth 90mm.



Dostmann model BC300 blackbody Infrared source

Dostmann BB500 Blackbody Infrared Thermometer Calibrating Reference Furnace.


For calibrating non contact infrared thermometers.

57mm diameter blackbody calibrating aperture.
Emissivity set at 0.95
Temperature Range:+50C...+500C
Portable Lightweight Construction

dostmann electronic  BB500 blackbody  temperature calibration reference source for IR thermometers


Liquid Temperature Calibrating  Baths can be found here.

Important points for consideration when selecting a temperature calibrating metal block bath for calibration by comparison:


A temperature probe is calibrated in a metal block (drywell) bath by comparison with a known reference standard thermometer. For accurate calibration, the two thermometers must be in thermal equilibrium which requires that they are as close as possible over their full length & ideally of similar thermal mass & response time.

Having both thermometers close together in the same insert is generally accepted & far more accurate than relying on a  block's control probe, which may be located away from the thermo well.

Some metal block calibrator designs rely on a built-in probe as the reference and although a display offset is used, it can only be correct for one temperature.

Using a separate reference thermometer, without the limitations of being built-in, is a much better option as it is placed close to the thermometers probe under calibration & can be easily calibrated & re-calibrated over a wide temperature range to traceable international standards such as NPL, DaKKs or NIST primary & ISO secondary temperature calibration laboratories.

Instead of having to send the calibration bath away for annual re-calibration, you only need to send your external reference thermometer away for re-calibration. Ideally two reference thermometers would keep the calibration system covered if they were  separated by 6 months due calibration dates.

Details on precision reference digital calibrating thermometers & high speed resistance ac/dc thermometry bridges can be found here

Resistance thermometer bridges are used for calibration work at the sub millikelvin level in research & other metrology applications  where parts per million(ppm) of resistance are measured & converted to temperature using look up conversion tables of resistance to temperature values.

The resistance thermometry bridge uses a radiometric high speed circuit ,similar to a whetstone bridge, to compare the external resistance ratio value of a high purity platinum resistance probe to that of either an internally temperature stabilised  resistor, or external high precision resistor  such as the "Wilkins type",which can also can be stabilised in a temperature controlled oil bath.

Techne offer their free of charge TechneWorks control software that allows up to 20 stored setpoint temperature values to automate control of their block baths.

Auto calibration can also be achieved by the software package "Caliso Temp!



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