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Temperature calibration





hand-held Digital instruments for measuring temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature, airflow & differential pressure

Some models are able to measure relative humidity/ambient temperature & also surface temperature using a built in infrared thermometer to calculate dewpoint temperature.


Lufft XA1000


The Multu-Function Lufft XA1000 Smart Digital Hand Held Touch Screen Indicator with flexible digital sensor connectivity, to display & store measured data.

An indicator that fits comfortably in your hand combined with a tough TFT colour touch screen display for todays HVAC engineers.

Supplied with free data evaluation software & USB cable.

Digital sensor library for temperature/humidity/airflow & CO2 measurement.

Inbuilt barometric sensor & mathematical functions for derived parameters.

Lufft XA1000 multi functional hand held digital indicator for environmental measurements.


Lufft XP400 hand held digital airflow indicator.

XP400 Precision temperature/Airflow hand held indicator with colour touch screen display.

Onboard memory.

Mathematical calculations.

Integrated barometric sensor.

Various airflow sensors.

USB interface for memory download using SmartGraph3 software included in the scope of supply.

Lufft XP400 hand held professional digital airflow indicator with colour touch screen.

Lufft XC200 Digital Thermo-Hygrometer


New Lufft hand held digital indicator for measuring Temperature & Relative Humidity.

Toughened Colour touch screen display.

Lufft XC200 hand held digital thermo-hygrometer with touch screen display.

Lufft XC250 Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

Built in Infra-Red pyrometer forSurface temperature measurement & dewpoint calculation

Lufft XC250 Hand held digital thermo-hygrometer with built in IR surface thermometer

DostmannScan Temp RH896

Hand held Infrared Thermometer with integrated humidity sensor and input for thermocouple type K


 Dostmann ScanTemp RH digital hygrometer/infrared thermometer

Dostmann DD890 for differential pressure measurement

Range: 0..140mbar

USB cable & software included.

 dostmann DD890 differential pressure meter

  Dostmann VA 893 Hand Held Vane Anemometer                                                           

Range: 0.4....30 m/s

Order No: 5020-0893      

 Dostmann VA 893 digital vane anemometer

Dostmann P470 hand held Hygrometer

Perfectly designed low cost instrument for climatic measurements (HVAC ).

RS232 port.

 Dostmann electronic model P470 low cost digital hygrometer

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