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Temperature calibration



Lufft XA1000 Environmental Hand Held Indicator With internal Barometric Pressure Sensor

A simple way to reduce inventry cost is to use a single mulit measuring hand held digital indicating device with digital probe for Temperature/Humidity/Dewpoint/Airflow/CO2 measurement & recordings- Barber Insys

The new Lufft XA1000 with colour  touch screen hand held indicator with built in barometric air pressure sensor, has been designed to be used with a range of Lufft SDI (Serial Digital Interface) or Lufft UMB probes to maximise instrument flexibility & investment. An ideal professional measuring tool for the HVAC engineer.



Lufft XA1000 digital environmental measing indicator with data logging & Touch Screen Operation.


An extensive built in maths function for various derived measurements & large Internal memory.

Graphical/Tabular representation

USB interface for data download

Internal barometric pressure sensor



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Lufft XA1000 Series hand held Multi Function Digital Indicator.




Lufft XA1000 Digital Sensors for temperature/Humidity/Airflow.


A digital hand held environmental measuring tool for the touch screen intelligent phone generation. Measurements are displayed on screen either in graphical or tabular form, with additional internal mathematical channels available for further data analysis.

All Lufft products are supplied with a factory test certificate, with optional traceable Calibration available to suite the users quality procedures such as ISO9000 compliance.



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