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digital INFRARED Thermometers-Hand Held



Additional hand held Digital Infrared Thermometers for non contact surface temperature measurement & recording.

Other models available but not shown here.


Dostmann ProScan 510/520 low cost digital infrared thermometer

High precision and ergonomic design characterises this instrument. Due to the special glass lens, the measuring beam has a diameter of 13mm at any distance with 140mm.

USB Port, windows software & connection for theromocouple (K) probes (520 only).



 Dostmann ProScan 510 and 520 high precision infrared thermometer

Dostmann ScanTemp RH860 Digital InfraRed Hand Held Video Thermometer.

- Non-contact temperature measurement with input for type K thermocouple

  probes, plus an in-built humidity sensor.

- Large colour display.
- Double laser.
- Large memory (Micro SD socket).

- Optical resolution: 50:1

-jpeg image capture with time & date stamp.


Dostmann ScanTemp RH 860 infrared video thermometer with humidity sensor & thermocouple input

Dostmann ScanTemp 410 low cost digital infrared thermometer

For safe and accurate non-contact temperature measurement.

The laser sighting will pinpoint the centre of the measuring spot size.

Improved optics allows you to measure a smaller spot size further away from your target surface.



 dostmann scantemp 410 non contact infrared thermometer

Dostmann ScanTemp 440 low cost digital infrared thermometer


In addition to the functionality of the ScanTemp 410, you are able to connect type K thermocouple probes.


dostmann scantemp 440 non contact infrared thermometer with thermocouple connection


Emissivity Values Table



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