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Temperature calibration



precision HAND HELD Accurate Digital thermometers for temperature measurement & calibration

Highly accurate hand held digital thermometers for use as a temperature calibrating reference standard, precise temperature measurement in research laboratories, temperature calibration laboratories & pharmaceutical quality control.

Ability to measure other environmental parameters such as relative humidity, dew point & airflow with associated external probes.



Dostmann P795 high precision hand held digital thermometer/logger.

Dostmann P795 Precision Digital Hand Held Thermometer/Logger 0.001°C resolution/0.010°C accuracy.

"Smart probes"  as well as standard  Prt's available)


Be surprised by the price.



Dostmann P795 high precision hand held digital thermometer

Dostmann P700 Series hand held digital thermometers/hygrometers & airflow.

P700 series digital hand held thermometers are ideal for measurement of temperature where high system accuracy ( up to 0.03°C) is essential to maintaining end product quality, or where the possibility of on-line documentation is required.


Other models available for measuring humidity, airflow & data logging.


Ex rated hand held digital thermometers for hazardous area use.

The need for high performance digital thermometers for use in the gas & petrochemical industry is resolved the new P700Ex series high accuracy thermometers, with "system accuracy" up to +/- 0.03° C.

Dostmann electronic P750 single channel precision RTD thermometer
Dostmann electronic's new EX rated hand held precision digital thermometers.

Lufft XA1000 Multi Measuring Smart Indicator Using Touch Screen operation.

Using the latest toughened touch screen technology, the Lufft XA1000 is the first precision multifunction indicator to use this technology for easy measurement functionality. A wide range of Digital sensors for temperature,humidity, airflow, CO2, plus inbuilt air pressure.

Data logging using free SmartView3 tabular & graphical software.


Optional DakkS certification available.

DakkS = UKAS


Lufft XP100 high precision digital hand held thermometer with touch screen display.

On board data storage & USB interface for data download in connection with SmartGraph3 software included in the scope of supply.

Accuracy: +/-0.05°C.

Selection of probes available.

Lufft XP100 precision hand held digital thermometer with colour touch screen.

To minimize measurement uncertainty of the complete system (instrument and sensor) the Dostmann-electronic P700 series 4 wire Pt100 accurate hand held digital thermometers have a special calibration function which compensates for the sensor tolerances when a sensor/probe is replaced. Probes are tolerance calibrated in the Dostmann laboratory. The calculated deviation is converted into a unique hexadecimal code which is marked on the probe handle and the original test certificate supplied with the thermometer probes.

This two line hex code contains information of the probe deviation at zero point & span in relation to the respective DIN standard on which it is based. The number code is simply entered & stored in the measuring instrument using either the front keypad or via software & USB interface. The instrument processor corrects the tolerance of the measuring probe defined by the number code & corrects the probe deviation error. The corrected measured value is displayed on the LCD display.

Dostmann electronic thermometers can be calibrated to un coded RTD 4 wire probes by simple physical compensation (comparison measurement). At the same time this function can be used to easily correct any possible drift error caused by ageing of the probes internal detector.

For physical calibration you can select either a one, two, or three-point temperature calibration. To implement this function the measuring probes to be calibrated are immersed, for example, in two reference temperature points (optional 1 or 3 points) one after the other & the values entered into the instrument through the keypad. The instruments monitor the calibration process automatically so that the operation is automatically broken off when references are unstable for example, in order to be able to continue to use the previously correction values in the processor.

To achieve good results only high performance temperature references standards should be used for calibration such as a metal block temperature calibrating bath or liquid temperature calibrating baths that have excellent temperature uniformity & stability

DE-Graph software is available for the P700 series measuring instruments & permits simple, efficient administration of the various measuring sensors & data transfer for readout of the appropriate code on the measuring instrument. The DE-Graph software can be used to lock the keyboard, preventing user entry to the calibration function area- a practical function to prevent inquisitive fingers!

The resulting high system measurement accuracy predestines these instruments for applications such as product quality assurance to maintain ISO9000 standards & thermometer calibrating laboratories.

Need a fully automated temperature calibration system ? the Dostmann P700 series are included in the equipment list which "Caliso Temps" automated temperature calibration software supports.






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