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Temperature calibration



non-contact high temperature measurement: Hand Held digital optical Infra-red Pyrometers & Disappearing Filament Pyrometers.

Various models covering single or dual wavelength & also data logging.

Selection of the correct wavelength is necessary to make accurate measurements of different materials at different temperatures.

Average/Peak/Valley measurement values selectable.

Disappearing filament type pyrometer for fine wire temperature measurement in vacuum furnaces etc.

A quick summary of each instrument is given below, but if you need more information, please get in touch.

Chino IR-AH Hand-Held Digital Radiation Thermometer

The IR-AH series are non-contact handheld type digital radiation thermometers for the measurement of temperature. The thermometers feature a wide range from -50 to + 3000°C & internal memory.



 ChinoIR-AH Hand-Held Digital Radiation Thermometer


Chino IR-HA SeriesHand-Held Optical IR Radiation Thermometers

The new IR-HA is a direct replacement for the old IR-H models.

  • Single colour medium/high temperature: IR-HA
  • Single colour high temperature: IR-HAS
  • Two colour + single colour wide temperature range:IR-HAQ.


Optional SD memory card available for data


Optional PC software to read SD card data.


New Chinoo IR-HA optical infrared pyrometers for medium/high temperature  measurement.

DPF2000 Portable Disappearing Filament Optical Pyrometer.

Temperature measuring a range of 760C to 4200C in 4 ranges. Only pay for the range you require.

Small target capability down to about 1mm.

0.65 micron wavelength.

DPF2000 Disappearing Filament Pyrometer



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