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Temperature calibration



high Precision calibrating digital thermometers & Automated thermometer Calibrating software.


We have over 25 years experience in supplying precision temperature measuring &  calibrating instrumentation.


A wide selection of 4 wire PRT 100 1/3 & 1/10 DIN probes with various lengths & diameters to chose from. Also Chino primary standard HTSPRT's 25 Ohm and 2.5 Ohm resistance thermometers for disseminating the ITS90 Temperature Scale. Standard reference thermo-couples & cryogenic sensors are also available.

If you require a thermometer calibrating heat source, we can supply a wide selection of metal block thermometer calibrating drywell baths, spanning different temperature ranges from -100°C up to +1200°C, with a selection of removeable inserts. Follow these links for details on Drywell, Liquid, & Fluidised Bed  temperature calibrating baths.

If you like the idea of automated temperature calibration, Caliso Temps software makes this an easy and cost effective operation.


You may like to download the Guidelines for obtaining the best performance from RTD's, Prt's and Pt100’s in particular, published by Sensing Devices (SDL) Ltd. of Southport Merseyside, who are a specialist in temperature detector manufacturing.


Wika CTR3000 series 5mK thermometer- Bench Top.


2 channels for PRT probes & 2 channels for thermo-couple probes.

Wika Model CTR3000 5mK accuracy digital thermometer-Barber InSys

Dostmann DDM900/1000 Series Precision Digital Bench Top thermometers.


Pt 25 or PT100 probes.


Dostmann DDM900 10mK Precision Benchtop Digital Thermometer.

Dostmann T955 Bench Top Digital Thermometer

The T955 Bench Top Instrument for Pt100 & thermocouple types J, K, N, L, R, S, T, Humidity & Airflow.

  • Measuring Range : -200°C to +1760°C

  • 0-100% rH

  • 0-40m/s

  • Accuracy +/-0.03°C

  • +/-1.5% rH

  • +/-0.5m/s

 Dostmann T955 bench top precision digital thermomrter

Dostmann T995 Bench Top Thermometer for 4 wire Pt100 probes.

Integrated calibration function (acc. EN60751  up to 14 data pairs).

2 Measuring channels for 4 wire PRT 100 Probes

Measuring range:-200°C...+850°C

Accuracy: +- 0.015°C from -50°C to 199.99°C, otherwise +/- 0.025%

Resolution: 0.001 (-200°C to +200°C) 0.01 remaining range.

Data Memory: Approx 6000 measurements.

 Dostmann T955 bench top precision digital thermometer

Dostmann P795 Dual Channel High Precision/Resolution Hand Held Digital PRT Thermometer/DataLogger with USB Interface.

2 Channels for 4 wire PRT100 probes.

System Accuracy:0.015°C (-50C ..+199.99°C) otherwise 0.025%

Resolution: 0.001°C. (0.01°C above +199.99°C)

Logger with real time clock & about 6000 data points.

Auto-recognise "Smart probes" available.

Dostmann P795 Dueal channel Precision Pt100 Digital thermometer/Logger

Lufft model XP101 High Precision Digital Thermometer Set

Probably the most accurate hand held digital thermometer available :0.005°C at 0°C, using their highest precision Pt100 ceramic probe.

Measuring range:-150°C to +450°C

Incorporating a data logger for up to 200 data measurements

Supplied in a high quality wooden case with accessories & DKD Calibration Certificate.


Lufft XP101 High Accuracy  Hand Held Digital Thermometer

Caliso Temps Automated Temperature Calibration Software


Consists of 2 separate programs:

Laboratory Interface to connect your instruments & carry-out your calibration.

Wide range of manufacturers hardware is supported, including web- cam support for equipment such as LIG thermometers, or digital indicators which have no digital interface.

Builder to analyse data, perform calculations & also design your own calibration certificates.

 Caliso Temps  automated temperature calibration software


Making accurate temperature measurement & validating temperature products has never been easier.




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