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primary Standard resistance thermometers & Standard thermocouples


Chino R800 Series Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRT's) & High Temperature HTSPRT's

The R800 series standard platinum resistance thermometers conforming to the International Temperature Scale, 1990 (ITS-90) have been commercialised under the guidance of the National Research Laboratory of Metrology (Japan).


  • These primary thermometers cover from vapor point of helium to freezing point of silver
  • Various models are prepared for low temperature & high temperature
  • Designed for use with fixed point calibration cells.


A suitable resistance thermometry bridge can be found here for utilising the R800 series primary

resistance thermometer.


Chino Standard Thermocouples-including Platinum/Palladium and Platinum/Gold types.


C810 is designed as a standard thermocouple used for secondary standard calibration at the freezing point of silver & copper. The protecting tube is also easily removed.

C820 is designed as a standard thermocouple for thermometer calibration. Standard electromotive force is ASTM Vol.14.03 E1751. It will also conform to IEC.

C850 is a standard thermocouple manufactured with materials of high purity gold (+ pole) & platinum (- pole) which has been commercialised by collaborative research with professor Goto from the College of Engineering at Tamagawa University.

It has smaller electromotive force drift & less uncertainties when measuring high temperature compared to using thermocouples manufactured with metal (R, S, B) & conforms to JIS C1602 (IEC60584).









R800 Series Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers







chino primary thermocouple















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