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measure Moisture & Damp in soft building materials & Wood.



We offer a wide variety of easy to use hand held digital moisture & damp meters for measurement in wood & soft building materials, with traditional 2 pin resistance measurement & also none intrusive capacitive/microwave relative moisture measurement.

Various traditional two pin resistive type digital moisture/damp meters & also non intrusive ball head type digital moisture meter using the dialectic measurement technique for measuring relative moisture content just below the surface.


A quick summary of each instrument is given below, but if you need the full story, please request a copy of the product data sheet, either by phone(01767 692692), email or use the Contact us link, filling in the details as required.

Dostmann HumidCheck: digital moisture/damp meter

The Dostmann HumidCheck low cost instrument is ideal for checking moisture in construction material & wood.

Easy to use: just remove the protection cap and insert the measuring pins into the surface of the material.

Reasond to purchase :
Easy to use
Robust housing
Scale for construction material and wood

Dostmann HumidCheck Mini :digital moisture/damp meter

The Dostmann low cost HumidCheck damp meter is ideal for checking moisture in construction material & wood.

Easy to use: Insert the measuring pins into the surface of the material & read the percentage moisture values on the digital display .

It's as simple as that.

Dostmann HumidCheck Mini 11

Designed for measuring percentage moisture in sawn timber, cardboard,paper & soft building materials.



Wood: 11...48% +-2%/ 6...10% +- 2,5%
Building materials: +- 0,4% Measuring range 0,1...11%

Dostmann Humid Check Mini 11

Dostmann HumidCheck Pro: digital moisture/damp meter

This professional damp meter is designed for wood moisture measurement (timber industry).

8 Calibration scales for 150 wood species.

Temperature correction by external probe.

Easy to use: just removing the protection cap insert the measuring pins into the surface of the material & read the display.

The robust, external sensor makes it easy to measure moisture at inaccessible places

Dostmann HumidCheck Non-Contact: digital surface moisture meter


Designed for rapidly measuring moisture values in Plaster, Gypsum & Concrete Screed) over a wide area.

Indicates fast and accurately the relative moisture values of wood & soft construction materials.

Easy to use: just place on the material surface at right angles with the head of the metal ball, push the measuring button and read the values.

No surface damage caused  by using this instrument as the probe does not penetrate the material surface.

Penetration depth down to 40mm below the surface.

This damp meter does not indicate % moisture, just digits.







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