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Sensors for Recording Sterilisation Temperatures-Barber Insys

Dostmann SterilDisk


A perfect solution for monitoring product temperature during terilisation,pasteurisation up to 140 C.

Made out of stainless steel & ingress resistant

Large memory storage up to 15K measurements.

The Disk interface enables data to be read from the SterilDisk by a PC/laptop.

Other probes on request.

Dostmann SterilDisk Immersion Probe Data Logger

Dostmann SterliDisk Inseretion Probe

Dostmann SterilDisk Interface


In order to produce sterile tools used in the food &  medical field, the object to be sterilised is subject to elevated temperatures over a time period in an autoclave. In order to comply with GMP procedures, it is necessary that accurate records are kept of the temperature & length of time the tools have been exposed to.

Products such as the SterilDisk are placed in the sterilization process alongside the tools that are being sterilised so that they are exposed to the same temperatures as the tools. This enables the SterliDisk to record the same temperature over time during the sterilisation process. The SterilDisk or probe is then placed in the "docking station" that is connected to a PC so that  process temperature data can be downloaded and entered into a report.

CFR21-11 software availble.






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