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            Low Cost Thermal imaging sensor / Thermal imaging cameras & Non-Contact Thermocouples.


Chino TP series Low Cost stand  alone Thermal Imaging Sensor with image capture & alarms


Chino TP series sensors are a compact infrared thermal imaging sensor used either as a stand alone detector or connected via a LAN network.

Power up the TP series, configure the imager by connection to your PC, then disconnect & it's ready to run on its own.

2 Pairs of programmable hard wired output contacts for alarming.

Re export of these sensors to countries outside the European Union may require a UK government export licence.



Chino TP-L  Tyermal Imaging Sensor With Alarms.

Chino TP-S Hand Held  Low cost Thermal Imager.


This new handy pocket sized thermo- imager

offers a useful low cost entry tool for a variety of industrial applications.


1 fixed central temperature measurement spot.

Weighs only 180gms including battery.

Anti-bacterial coated housing for food/pharmaceuitical applications.

Chino TP-S Low cost Hand Held Thermal Imaging Camera

Dostmann model TC-1 entry level Thermal Imaging Camera.

A handy low cost portable thermal imaging camera utilising a German manufactured detector array & having a reasonable sized display screen.

Different types of surfaces can me measured by adjusting the emissivity value to the correct material constant.

A selection of colour palettes are selectable to meet your preference.

Bitmap image & video recording  are stored on a micro SD card. Includes Pouch, USB cable, 8GB memory card & transport case as standard.

Dostmann electronic TC-1 low cost  hand held thermal imaging camera


Chino CO15 Series Non-Contact Thermocouple Surface Temperature Sensor For Moving or reflective Surfaces.

Extensively used in the Paper & Print manufacturing industry where low target emissivity/reflective or moving surfaces prevent the use of standard infrared sensors or attaching thermocouples.


Available with either a type K of J thermocouple output response, 5M or 10M cable length for connecting to a PLC or other machine temperature controller.

The problems with low emissivity or highly reflective surfaces at low temperatures often exclude the use of infrared thermometers on rotating drums or callendar machines.


The solution maybe solved by using a close proximity non-contact thermocouple such as the Chino CO15 Series.


Chino CO-15 Non Contact Thermocouple Surface Temperature Sensor








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