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Dostmann P795  high precision hand held digital thermometer-datalogger RadGreen Cloud based Pollution Stations Lufft WS100 Road Present Weather Radar Pricipitation Sensor Lufft MARWIS Mobile runway RWIS Sensor New Lufft StaRWIS Non invasive road weather sensor. Lufft ARS31 Pro-UMB active road weather freeze point sensor

Measuring critical Road & Runway Surface Environmental Conditions/ High Precision Temperature measuring Systems & Indoor AQM Sensors.

Professional high accuracy measuring instrumentation & sensor solutions developed for real world applications.

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Road/Runway Surface Condition Meteorological Sensors.:

Active/ Passive/ Non-Invasive Ice Detection Sensors (RWIS). Mobile Advanced Runway Surface Weather sensors MARWIS to measure & report critical runway surface conditions: grip,ice formation & water film height levels, in almost real time during the winter season, or during heavy precipitation, as an input to Airport AWOS/TALPA systems.

StaRWIS Spectroscopic non-invasive road surface condition sensor for reporting dangerous ice formation or wet slippery conditions. The sensor is gantry or pole mounted 5.5M (+- 0.5M) above the road surface. New firmware released in Q3 2017 added freeze point temperature measurement (NaCl only).

New VS20K, 20KM Road Optical Visibility Sensor with "active spider defense" to prevent repeated maintenance visits during the spider season.

SHM31 laser based Snow Depth sensor with mm accuracy & high resolution at up to 15M measuring distance.

Professional Meteorological Compact Weather Station sensors for monitoring local micro-climate atmospheric road weather data. Radar based precipitation sensors for replacement of tipping  bucket mechanical sensors to reduce maintenance visits & ideal for connection to Flood Warning Networks. Sensors include built in heating to maintain full measurement performance in low ambient temperatures. Open protocol architecture means easy system integrations.

When you require a wind speed/direction sensor to be able to operate in harsh or remote climatic conditions, there is no other real choice but the Lufft Ventus, having a heated aluminum salt water proof housing, with digital & analogue outputs available.

Air Quality Sensors for AQM urban networks to monitor traffic pollution at known location hotspots  Visualise/ Trending/ & Alarming annunciation.


Monitoring the air we breathe inside public buildings. It is a known fact that high levels of CO2  concentrations causes a lack of concentration & tiredness, leading to reducing levelsof productivity. To measure indoor air quality we offer a wide range of environmental Digital Data Loggers for CO2, tVOC, Noise,Temperature/Humidity/ Pressure/ Monitoring & Reporting, including USB loggers with automatic Pdf report generation. Some models have alarm contacts to integrate with automated HVAC systems & the IoT using cloud based solutions.


High Precision Temperature Measurement:

We supply a range of High Precision, High Resolution Digital Thermometers, both Hand Held & bench Top models, with milliKelvin system accuracy, enabling product quality & safety to be maintained, or for use as an in house standard reference thermometer for calibrating by comparison of sub-ordinate thermometers. 4 Wire Platinum resistance probes (Pt100's) having various lengths & diameters are available on short lead times, or optional customer bespoke requirements.

"Smart Probe" options for the P795 /T955 thermometers containing sensor polynomial calibration curve (data pairs)inside the probe construction which the DTI will automatically recognise on switch on.

Ex 11 2 G Ex iB 11B T4 Gb rated Precision high accuracy hand held thermometers for use in hazardous operating environments are also available, including one model with internal data memory.


pH & Conductivity measuring kits for Life Science & Food laboratory applications.

Click on the Contact Us link to request further details, & don't forget to regularly visit our News page for the latest product or information releases. The links below take you to the product pages:


* Precision Digital Calibrating Thermometers         *EX rated Precision Digital Thermometers-Hand Held                                                                                                                                     

*Calibration Management Software                         *Indoor Air Quality Data loggers/Transmitters & CO2 Monitors    

*Primary Reference SPRT's/HTSPRT's                *USB Type IAQ environmental Data Loggers 

*Thermal Imaging Sensors                                     * Cloud Based Indoor Air Pollution Monitoring Stations.


*Pocket Size Thermal Image Camera                    *Laser Snow Depth Sensor      


*Temperature Calibrating Software                        *Automated Road De-Icing Spray System


*Temperature Chart Recorders                              *Road Weather Software/MDSS Packages      

*Accurate Digital Thermometers-Hand Held          *Professional Digital Compact Weather Station Sensors


*Drywell Calibrating metal Block Baths                  *Intelligent Road Weather Information (RWIS)Sensors


*Sterilize/Pasteurize Temperature Loggers           *Mobile Runway Weather Grip Sensor-MARWIS                                                                            

*Temperature Calibrating Baths-Liquid                  *Ultrasonic Robust Wind Speed & Direction Sensors

*Fluidized Bed Calibrating Baths                            *Present Weather (Now cast) Measuring Sensors


*Blackbody Calibrating Reference Furnace           *Multi Function HVAC Indicator-Hand Held

*Hand Held Gun Type infrared Thermometers      *Humidity & Dewpoint Measuring Meters-Hand Held   


*High Temperature IR Thermometers-Portable    *Measuring Damp-Moisture Meters

*InfraRed Radiation Thermometers-online             *HVAC Instrumentation 


*Non Contact Temperature Sensors                    

*Digital Food Thermometers



Our customers: Quality Control Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Road Weather

System Integrators, Public & Private Weather Forecast Companies, Research Institutes,

Heat Treatment Engineers, Museums & Temperature calibrating laboratories.

We represent a small number of predominantly European & UK manufacturers who are generally

recognised as leaders in their own field of technology & are committed to continuous product development

to improve measurement outcomes.

If you are not quite sure which instrument or sensor you require? to us about your

application needs so that we can offer suggestions/options that will meet your objectives

on 01767692692 or complete the Contact Us form                                                                                             

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