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Temperature calibration




Dostmann P795  high precision hand held digital thermometer-datalogger Dry block Temperature calibrator Lufft X-Series Industrial Hand Held Thermometers Lufft MARWIS Test Vehicle Lufft WS Series Meteorological Intelligent Weather Station. Lufft ARS31 Pro-UMB active road weather freeze point sensor



Providing a wide range of precision Temperature & Humidity Measuring Technology solutions for Metrology, meteorology, Laboratory & Industrial applications since 1991

Other environmental measurement solutions:

Road Weather Information Sensors (RWIS), Mobile Advanced Road/Runway Weather sensors (MARWIS).

Multi Parameter Professional Meteorological Compact Weather Stations for Climate/Hydrological & Flood Risk Warning Networks.

Data Loggers for indoor environmental monitoring


Our customers: Quality Control managers, Aerospace Engineers, Road Weather System Integrators, Research Institutes, Heat Treatment Plants, Museums &Thermometer calibrating laboratories

We represent a small number of predominantly European & UK manufacturers who are generally recognised as leaders in their own field of technology and are committed to continuous product development to improve measurement outcomes.

As the internet of things (IOT) becomes ever increasing in size, new & easier ways of connecting monitoring sensors/hardware to the web as cloud solutions are evolving.

One solution is to connect different measuring devices through multi bus intelligent gateways,   configured using downloadable customer driven App's, such as the new intelligent hardware tool (Lufft i-Box), designed to make this a reality.


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If you are not quite sure which instrument or sensor you require? to us about your application so that we may offer guidance.


* Precision Digital Calibrating Thermometers        *EX rated High Precision Thermometers                                                                                                                                      

*Toolbox Calibration Management Software          *Indoor Air Quality-IAQ Data loggers    

*Reference SPRT's/HTSPRT's                                 *Temp/rH Data Loggers-USB Type 


*Entry level Pocket Size Thermal Image Cameras *Snow Height Sensor                              


*Temperature Laboratory Calibrating Software     *Automated Road De-Icing Spray Systems                                                         

*Process Measuring Chart Recorders                      *Road Weather Software/MDSS Packages      

*Accurate Digital Thermometers-Palm Held           *Professional Weather Station Sensors


*Drywell Thermometer Calibrating Block Baths     *Intelligent Road Weather Information (RWIS)Sensors


*Sterilisation/Pasteurisation Data Loggers            *Mobile Realtime RWIS Sensor-MARWIS                  


*Liquid Temperature Calibrating Baths                   *Ultrasonic Robust Wind Speed & Direction Sensors

*Fluidised Bed Temperature Calibrating Baths       *Present Weather (Now cast) Measuring Sensors


*Blackbody Infrared Calibrating Reference            *Multi Layer Cloud Height Ceilometer

*Hand Held Gun Type infrared Pyrometers            *Humidity & Dewpoint Measuring Meters-Hand Held           

*High Temperature IR Thermometers                     *Measuring Damp-Moisture Meters

*InfraRed Radiation Pyrometers-Fixed on line       *Measuring Instrumentation for HVAC Engineers    


*Multi Function HVAC Indicator-Hand Held             *Thermal Imaging Sensor                                                                                                                     

*Non Contact Sensors



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